How does Identity Theft happen?

Your personal or sensitive information accumulates at various places on your computer such as web browsers, files, emails, windows registry real-time etc, while you pay bills, shop, bank or trade shares on the internet.

There is a large possibility that this information may be accessed by someone with bad intentions, and used to impersonate your identity.
If they have access to this data, a hacker may try to use your identity to shop online, trade shares or even transact in your bank.

You can suffer considerable financial losses as a result of an identity theft. Identity theft is not limited to financial losses, thieves can even commit crimes in your name, leaving you to face the consequences. Do not wait until identity theft strikes you, rather you must search a solution to enjoy a life free from identity theft.

How Safe ID Guard Protects You

Identity Theft Services

We proactively monitor your personal information‚ such as your personal Name and Social Security number when used online. We’ll alert you if we find any fraudulent or information connected to malicious activity.

Identity Restoration & Insurance

Fully Managed Recovery is the best proactive solution for the customer since Identity Theft cannot be stopped but your exposure can be drastically decreased with a decisive and professional response when it does occur. Victims can speak with trained professional identity Recovery Specialist. Safe Id Guard takes over and saves the victims 100’s maybe 1,000’s if hours to recover their identity.

Credit Services

Rest Assure, we monitor your credit 24×7. We’ll alert you if we notice specific changes on your credit report‚ and you can get realtime access towards your credit score*. You can also view your credit report and credit score anytime in your Safe Id Guard Dashboard.

Advanced Internet Surveillance

Anti-Malware analyzes files and software changes that might be suspicious. This allows for the Cloud Scanning Platform to pass the fingerprint to where different anti-virus engines perform checks. Soon after, our Cloud Scanning Platform marks the file as safe or malicious or else asks Anti-Malware to upload it for further examination. Anti-Malware rapidly sets about removing any confirmed malicious software.

Multiple Layers of Identity Protection

Identity theft protection

This benefit helps you stay informed of your credit activity. SafeId Guard will send detailed alerts when banks and creditors use your identity to open new accounts to take action when needed.

Antivirus Protection

SafeId Guard Anti-virus protection is a proactive weapon made to prevent infections from all Internet threats, therefore, protecting you from the worst case scenario by not allowing it to occur.

Fraud Alert & Detection

This means that if a criminal tries to obtain a credit line or loan in the victim’s name—the thief begins the application process—the creditor will know to inform the potential victim.

Anti Malware Protection

SafeId Guard Anti-Malware is a small-footprint solution designed to provide comprehensive malware protection for users without slowing down their PCs or networks.

Credit Monitoring

With credit monitoring, the consumer has easy access to their credit without any disruptions. By implementing this approach, you can relax knowing you will most likely never be a victim of identity theft.

Dedicated Support

SafeId Guard’s dedicated support team of certified experts are always ready to help you and guide you in taking all the necessary actions towards protecting your Identity-related issues.


Trackers use cookies, fingerprints, and IP’s to monitor everything we do online. SafeIDGuard is the only tool for regular users that will protect against those threats.

Maximum privacy protection.Built for everyday users.


Antivirus and Malware Software Solutions


1 M ID Theft Insurance Policy


Public record surveillance including court records and medical records


DDA monitoring of checking and savings accounts


365 24/7 live phone support

Safe ID Guard

3 credit bureau monitoring


Social Security and Address Monitoring


Automatic credit report scheduling (24/7 access)


Monitoring of known criminal websites for illegal trading of personal information


Automatic alerts of changes to credit card and bank account contact changes