Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

All the services offered by Safe ID Guard come with a promise of securing the user’s identity and preventing loss of financial details that may cause harm. The services offered are the best in class and are constantly upgraded to keep them effective against the latest means of fraudulent practices designed to acquire personal data.

The experts available at Safe ID Guard keep abreast of the latest developments in the virtual world and equip themselves better to keep problems at bay. Also the advanced algorithms are designed to collect and collate information matching to the user’s credentials and removing them from places where they are not intended to be. This proactive approach further prevents misuse of data and cuts down on losses caused by the hackers.

Insurance against financial loss and assistance

Safe ID Guard works round the clock to prevent misuse or collection of personal and financial data and above all provides an insurance cover to protect users against financial loss caused due to identity theft and misuse of the same to acquire credit cards to make purchases and also loans that can cost the users dearly.

The programs offered by Safe ID Guard also assist victims of identity theft and offer their services towards undoing their losses and securing their identification again. The process also involves in clearing the victim’s name from the frauds and establishing their identity again.

Most dependable systems, reasonable pricing

Though the services offered are at par with the latest developments in the market and the system is dependable to say the least. Safe ID Guard offers the best in class protection against ID theft and misuse with the latest tools developed by experts and algorithms that account for the constantly evolving dynamics to address the threats.

The pricing for the services are one of the most competitive in the market. Considering the fact that people lose millions of dollars in identity theft related issues, it pays to remain secure and prevent the mental agony that such cases cause. By opting for expert services offered by Safe ID Guard, people actually pay for peace of mind that is priceless.

Guaranteed protection for the entire family and round the clock assistance

The top notch protection offered by Safe ID Guard covers the entire family with special care towards protection of kids from theft of identity. As kids do not understand the concept and have social security numbers with clean records, they are more susceptible to identity theft and related fraud.

The package also covers the computers and helps in ensuring security against hackers who wish to siphon off crucial data. The package comes with round the clock assistance in ensuring data safety and preventing of identity theft and also offers answers to any queries users might have.

The services offered by Safe ID Guard ensures that people do not suffer from losses due to identity theft and also the victims are assisted to get back their identities cleared of all the misdemeanors and reinstating a clean record.