Personal Identity Theft Protection


  • Court/Criminal Report
  • Internet Surveillance Report (CyberAgent Report)
  • Court/Criminal Monitoring
  • Internet Surveillance Monitoring (CyberAgent Monitoring)
  • Restoration / Lost Wallet
  • Insurance – $1M, $0 Deductible
  • Customer Service

Product Description


Since 2013, over one billion records have been compromised in America.
Your personal information now lives online. Sharing an email address or even a credit card number is part of everyday life, but more than ever, this makes you vulnerable to thieves.
SafeIDGuard’s comprehensive identity protection service diligently monitors for signs of criminal activity and gives you all you need to keep your identity secure from thieves and fraud.

11.6 Million

Javelin Strategy & Research reports that 11.6 million people had their identity stolen in 2011 alone!
How ID Theft Occurs:

  • Data Breaches
  • Phishing Scams
  • Stolen Laptops
  • In Store Scams
  • Online Social Networking
  • Workplace Theft
  • Friends & Family
  • Data = $$


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