Safe ID Children

Safe ID Guard for your Kids

This is the digital age and kids are going online at a very young age when they do not essentially understand the essence of their identity or concerned about identity loss and they do not understand such a threat. This makes it very important for parents to educate their kids and also safeguard their identity online at all times.

Every year more and more kids under the age of 18 years are falling prey to identity theft which makes it an area of concern. The reason child identity theft is so lucrative is because kids have a clean credit history and also it shall be years before any discrepancy is detected in their records. Hence they serve as convenient victims to the fraudsters trying to make money by stealing children’s identity.

Things to do to protect children’s identity

Every step that is taken towards protecting children’s identity should start by educating them about the importance of their identity and ways of keeping details like their Social security Number safe. This is the first step towards ensuring protection from identity theft.

Experts suggest that parents should opt for credit reports against their kid’s Social security Number and if a report turns up then there is a big chance that their identity has been compromised. Parents should counsel their kids and educate them about sharing information online and also while interacting with people they might not know.

What does safe ID Guard offer for protecting kids’ identity?

Opting for Safe ID Guard can help protect kids from identity theft. Some of the features of this solution include services like:

  • Social security number monitoring
  • Internet black market monitoring
  • Identification usage alerts
  • Identity theft prevention and recovery assistance
  • Insurance against theft of identity
  • Credit monitoring with 3 bureaus
  • Credit reports and score amongst others