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Secure Mailing can ensure theft-free communication

Yes. Emailing still remains one of the top targets of cyber thieves to drain out data. It is probably the easiest and the most common medium through which many people lose vital information. Moreover,
this method of online communication has led to leakage of several critical data, user credentials, secret information and much more to wrong hands. Thus, the importance of handling emails with sheer privacy is justified.

Here are a few ways by which one can ensure a theft free emailing system:

1. Keep your passwords tough to crack. Most of the portals suggest usage of combinations that include upper case letters, lower case letters, alphanumeric combinations and symbols to make your password the strongest.
2. Do not share your credentials with anybody. Anybody includes your friends, family, relatives and everyone else alive on Earth. Some things are meant to be very personal and your email password is definitely one of them.
3. It’s a deadly idea to write down your passwords for later reference. Keep your brain a little active and remember the password that you just created. It would grant you a peaceful mind and set you free from worries regarding safeguarding that paper on which you had written your passwords.
4. Do not trust others and their devices. It is highly recommended that you do not login to other devices with your credentials. Try to have access to your personal system and avoid using any other device to access your emails. Remember, hackers are an extremely smart species and they are always a step ahead of the rest.
5. The best way to ensure utmost security of your mailing account is to keep changing your passwords after regular intervals (say 50/75 days). It would maintain the security of your account and keep the hackers troubled for the rest of their lives.

Importance of Identity Guard

Every individual wants to lead a simple and stylish life. It is also true to everyone’s knowledge that the online world of possibilities have opened up another dimension for mankind to explore. In this search of technology and greatness, there are bad things too that are following us. Identity Theft is one such harsh reality that we all have to deal with.

But with good always empowering the evil, just appropriate guarding solutions are now available in the market to tackle thefts and cyber-crimes. Identity Guard is one of the best that is existing in the market to curb such evil deeds.

It is crucial to understand that an online identity is as important as the one in real. It deals with reputation, information, data and much more to put at stake. The criticality involved in the process when something is compromised is also something that all must be aware of. Because lack of attention towards this usually leads to traumatic situations. It is rather wise to be prepared for every possibility and go with what is highly recommended.

Identity Theft Guard is a product that has been programmed to function for the safety of information, identity, data and much more. Immediate notifications are sent out pertaining to any activities that are performed on your account. Weird activities are tracked immediately and alerts are configured for the same too. In short, it is a one stop solution to curb/deal with online theft threats.

By paying some nominal charges, the owner of this great solution software would have wonderful peace of mind. It would lead to better productivity and in turn betterment of any business. Thus, the importance of Identity Guard is thoroughly justified.

Hackers are feared more than Robbers!

True it is! Hackers are the ones that steal your personal data and manipulate it for perfect misuse. It is unfortunate to digest this fact but evil souls have always existed on Earth and this era is no different. There are professional cyber thieves lurking out on the web to lay hands on any unmanned/insecure data or information. All the companies and corporate houses provide the best of trainings to their employees about cyber-crimes, on how to protect information and data and remain secure from falling prey to hackers.

Passwords are of no use if they are easy and guessable. Most portals and online websites urge their users to create the strongest possible passwords by using upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and even symbols. This makes it harder for hackers to break into any account and drain vital info.

On the other hand, social engineers also play a role in carrying out malpractices about information security. Some information are highly secure and shall remain so. No friend, colleague or family member must get to know about it in the best interest of everyone. But social engineers are highly tactful in asking out such details from their friends or buddies. Even this is another form of identity theft and must be curbed every time.

Fearing such hackers as robbers is not a solution. In fact it gives them more strength and the courage to take up such activities to the next level. Instead, everyone must adhere to guidelines and remain informative about the happenings around. Such situations are not hard to deal with if proper precautions have been taken before hand. Thus, make a promise to self about challenging all the hackers out there and following the best practices about data/information security. This would definitely curb all the evil plans of the pirates of the web.