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Member Questions
How to update my contact information?

To make changes to your existing phone number or mailing address, please call us at 1-800-452-2541. These changes cannot be made manually online in the Member area.

Your current contact information can be viewed anything in the “Personal Information” menu in our Member Area. Updating Email Address, User ID, Password and billing card is possible there.

How do I get notifications/alerts regarding my account?

You may choose a preferred way of getting notified by text message, email or phone. If you have provided your email address during enrollment with us, you would start getting alerts via your email.

How to change the payment method?

To change the way you want to make payment for services, please call us at 1-800-452-2541 since this change cannot be made in our Member Area.

I am not receiving notifications/alerts about my account. Why not?

There are a few reasons why you are not receiving such notifications such as:

1. You may have an incorrect email address configured with us or you may have an old email ID updated with us which is why you are not getting the alerts in your current email. To see which email the notifications/alerts are going, view the “Account Information” menu in the Member Area.
2. Spam/Junk filters may be preventing our emails to reach your inbox. Add us to ensure that receive all the alerts/notifications sent by us.
3. Also to get notifications via email, you have to select “Email” as your preferred way of receiving notifications. Please check your Account Information to see if it is enabled as it should be.

Is our software compatible with Apple/Mac?

The current version of our software is not compatible with Macintosh computers but our product team is in the process of upgrading things for wider compatibility. If you have more questions regarding the same, please connect with us. We would be glad to help.