Why Safe ID Guard?

Safe ID Guard is one of the latest tools that empower people to successfully fight against identity theft and prevent financial loss. This system locates the instances and use of credit cards, loans, payday loans, etc. issued in the user’s name and informs the user to ensure that these things are genuine and not availed by stealing the user’s identity. This timely intervention prevents huge bills and nips the problem of identity theft in the bud before it’s too late and results in huge bills and loans that are to be taken care by the user.

By keeping track of such instances, credit report systems are designed to identify and report abnormalities while constantly working towards tackling presence of unwanted elements trying to tap into the system to hit the user’s credentials.

Scanning mails and keeping out junk

The hackers looking for personal information many times dive through the junk mails and trash to collect personal information. This information is then used to make false applications in the user’s name to collect credit cards or even avail loans.

The hackers also apply for change of address which makes it difficult for the owner of the identity to realize such discrepancies till they are presented the bills for the expenses. Safe ID Guard works by eliminating user’s name and suppressing any information that may cause harm to the user from junk mails and safeguarding the user from the threat of identity loss from a compromised email account.

Identifying the first signs

The first signs of identity loss come in the form of discrepancies in the credit information with loans and cards that have not been applied for by the original user. Also a spurt in activity using the user’s credentials can be a sure shot sign of theft of identity and should alarm the original owner of the credentials. Apart from this the Safe ID guard checks any and all possible corners of the black market to locate personal information of the user in places where they don’t belong.

Real threat, real risk

The threat of identity loss is a real and ever present danger that costs users millions of dollars each year apart from the mental and physiological stress it causes.

Availing services of a professional like Safe ID Guard ensures that the users are never at the receiving end of identity theft and also it insures and protects the users from financial loss and ensures peace of mind